And Now We Wait.

It’s a  really special day for us. We hopefully just made another baby! For the past 10 days the wife has been taking her estrogen and added progesterone a week ago and today was the big transfer day. I was kind of nervous I’ll admit, while the wife was relaxed which is weird because it’s normally the other way around but I’m glad she wasn’t stressed out. Our clinic works with three doctors and you never know which one will be here so we were both thinking how great it would be if we got the same doctor that did the transfer the last time and hell yes it was him, also the same nurse as last time, I was thrilled, I take that as a good sign. Also the last time the magic happened on a 9th just as today, it’s weird and amazing!
So anyway, we waited about 10 mins before being called. Had to sign a few paper works and then it was time for me to get dressed into my super sexy sterile jumpsuit, along with a mask, hat, the whole shebang. I snapped a picture of how ridiculous I looked. One day when my kids ask how babies are made I’ll show them the picture and tell them you have to dress like that first!

Once in the room I held my breathe as I new they were thawing our little 5 days blastocyst and it was a delicate process. I was finally able to relax when doc Mark came in to say it went well and the embryo looks great. A few minutes later the transfer was done and everyone was wishing us good luck. Blood draw is in 2 weeks and I’m just remembering again how the 2 weeks wait is the worst. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get her to take an early test. With Captain we never took the test because the wife wasn’t really feeling positive about it and after a year of seeing only ‘not pregnant’ on tests she just wanted to wait for the blood results. It would be great to see 2 lines this time though. I’m trying to keep my cool and not think to much about it,  we had a lovely lunch and just enjoyed being together but now I can’t stop thinking about everything babies and how it’d be a great Christmas present. Please send us  good vibes and a little patience for me to survive these couple of weeks.


Another Half Birthday.

Guys, my baby turned 18 months a week a go, I don’t know how that happened but anyway I think this stage is my favorite so far because COMMUNICATION!! He’s getting so good at talking and also understanding. A few days ago we were looking for a snack and after he got it, he told me ‘close’ and closed the cupboard door. It’s amazing that kids pick on stuff like that as it’s not even a word I use with him. Better communication also means not much temper tantrums which is amazing. I love that he can express his emotions a lot more. He’ll tell me everytime he bangs  his head or tell me he has a ‘booboo’



We  actually get to play together now, he can kick in a ball and loves it, so we’ve been doing a lot of kicking in the ball back and forth. He’s also really into cars/trucks right now, which is really fascinating to watch him play with them when a couple of weeks ago he wasn’t interested by them at all. Apart from that, his love of animals is still going strong, all day long he makes animal sounds, with monkey and cow being his favorite, also cat and dog of course which really got us thinking about getting a dog again but we’re just going to wait a little, maybe in a year.
Oh, and I have to talk about his dancing. Man, this kid has killer moves, it totally sounds like I’m bragging but the way he moves his hips, I’m totally impressed, I really need to get that on camera. His jam right now is ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and he will actually climb on the cofee table to dance. The climbing never stops and I secretly love that he isn’t scared, even if I stay close to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. I cannot wait til he gets to come rock climbing with me. My wife is scared of height so I could use a partner in crime in a few years.
On the downside, sleeping hasn’t been too great lately, but he has his 2 lower first molars cutting through so that must be really painful (aren’t the upper molars supposed to come first btw?) Also a question if anyone has any advice. I’m looking to buy a night light, Captain has Tranquil Turtle and he loves that stuff, he needs it to be on at bedtime but the thing has been acting out, not always lighting up and there’s no more sounds either. I don’t want to buy another one like that because it’s damn expensive in my opinion. I’ve heard about a glowing & soothing seahorse that’s great apparently. So what kind of night light do you use with your kids?

A hell of a weekend.

Wednesday night my wife suddenly got sick, fucking stomach flu, she spent all night puking and Thursday recovering, we tried  taking all precautions, not much direct contact with Captain, extra washing of the hands etc but alas Friday night about an hour after he went to bed, Captain woke up crying, he had vomited all over his bed. We got everything cleaned up and he went back to sleep only to be woken up 15 minutes later, vomiting again. Got everything cleaned up again, I held him longer, he was tired but as soon as I laid him down, it happened again! By that time I decided to take him in bed with me, my poor baby was exhausted, he’d sleep a little, wake up gagging, and back to sleep, it was like that for the whole night. By Saturday morning the virus had got to me and I started getting sick too. Luckily my wife was better and was able to take care of Captain, while I tried to get as much rest as possible. Today we’re all a little better, except that I feel like I was ran over by 2 trucks and for a complete loss of appetite. I haven’t eaten since Friday evening except for bite of toast. Captain didn’t want to eat either, good thing my wife had the idea to get him some bananas, which he accepted, making us a little less worried. We’re making sure he’s drinking plenty of water and also resting. He went to bed at 6:30 last night and only woke up at nearly 9 this morning. He’s stil pretty tired though, you can see it in his tiny little eyes and he’s asking for cuddles which never happens usually because he’s  always too busy getting into mischief to hug his old moms. It’s so hard seeing your kid sick ugh!! Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Always hard to say goodbye.

We lost our dog, Lilo the sharpei. It’s been very hard even though it was bound to happen, she was getting old, would have been 13 years old this halloween. Since a couple of months she was getting incontinent and even her behavior was starting to change but it’s still so hard that she’s gone, our home is just not the same.


My wife was pretty devastated of course, she had been her companion long before I came into the picture, she was always there for her, during happy and sad times. We keep forgetting that she’s not here anymore and will call her to come get a treat or any leftovers. It’s also difficult for Captain, he’s known her his whole life, as a matter, her name was the first word he said after mom and mama. It’s hard for us to explain to him that she won’t be here anymore. Obviously, he’s too young to understand any concept of life and death but it made me really think how I will explain it to him when he’s older, I don’t know. I don’t really believe in heaven (or hell) so for now I just keep telling him that she went to see other doggy friends in another place. Of course he doesn’t really understand and keeps calling and looking around for her, it’s just heartbreaking. I had hoped that they would have had the chance to spend more time together. I do hope that she’s in a good place, wherever that is. Rest in peace friend, we will miss you dearly.


Cool summer

We’ve been in France for a week now and Captain is having the time of his life with his grandparents. Holidays with a toddler is at the same time super fun but also extremely exhausting. Mostly because he’s not sleeping very well. For the past 3 months he has been sleeping through the night, so, to wake up at least twice again is quite hard but it’s completely understandable, he’s not in his usual environment, he has a tooth cutting through and it’s extremely hot here, even I have a hard time falling asleep. We are also having a very good time, it’s always great seeing my in laws and exploring the french countryside is awesome.

20150821_110902[1] 20150820_112332

Captain met his old friend, Sally the Westie again. He was a little wary at first, the last time he saw her was 4 months ago, but now he just chase after her, calling ‘Ally’ and even learned the word ‘chien’, it’s incredibly cute. He also enjoys very much playing with his Opa, he is an extremely funny and playful man, so they get along like cookies and milk.


We’re staying one more week and then back to real life, hopefully it doesn’t go by too quick.

Down this road again.

I wasn’t planning on writing anything because the wife and I are trying to keep our cool but I’m far too excited about it. Today we went back to our fertility clinic to see our RE. It was weird being back there after two years but it also felt different as we brought Captain with us so they could meet him. I love our RE, she’s just great and funny. The secretary immediately recognized us and commented on how big Captain was. Our RE was happy to see our little man and kept commenting how handsome he is and how lucky he was to have two mommies who love him. Then we started discussing about possible baby #2. I’m excited that this time should be ‘easier’ (hopefully!!!). We had a 35% chance of pregnancy with our first IVF cycle and now with a Frozen Embryo Transfer it jumps to 50%, plus no injections needed this time. Even though my wife took them like a champ, she’s always been scared of needles and I didn’t like poking her either, so that’s great! She’ll need to take estrogen pills to thicken her lining and after that progestrerone suppositories. She said this time she will transfer only one embryo because we have two great, day 5 blastocysts and we would risk multiple pregnancies if we transfered both. The survival rate after thawing our embryo is 98% so that’s good news, I hope everything turn out fine.
Basically we leave for our vacation in a few hours and will be back end of August. Normally, wy wife’s period will arrive mid-September and the preparation for the transfer will take about 12 days, which means she could be pregnant at the beginning of October. HOLY SHIT!!

The good, the bad and the poopy.

Captain turned 15 months 4 days ago, I can hardly comprehend we have a kid this old already, it’s just insane. Everyday we get a glimpse of his little personality and things have been quite interesting.

The Good;
Language development is an amazing thing. We try and not use the word “no” with him too much, only if he’s really doing something that could be dangerous but he picked on how I will say ‘nah nah’ to the dog so now he’s all about it. He’ll say nah if he doesn’t want a bottle or nah to naps. Also to our dog he’ll go, ” Lilo, nah!” and “Lilo, shhhh” it’s really funny. Other words he’s learnt now are yes and here in French.


Sleep wise, it’s still going pretty well, still sleeping all night long, he woke up at 8 this morning, it was delightful. Will refuse to settle down for bedtime sometimes but we just have some extra cuddles and it’s all good.
As for eating, it’s great. Everyone asks if he eats his veggies, and the answer is yes, absolutely. He will eat everything, he has some favorites of course but he enjoys everything so far. Hopefully it lasts. As a kid, I wasn’t introduced to or used to eating vegetables really so I had a hard time with them as a teenager or even an adult. I’m glad we can provide him with at least the opportunity or trying healthy food.
We also introduced the spoon/fork about 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t sure at what age we could actually start trying to get him to eat with those so we just thought we’d give him a fork and see his reaction. So far it’s going really well, he’s almost mastered the fork, it gets a little messier with a spoon but he’s getting a hang of it; plus there’s always the hands, they get the job done a lot faster. Don’t you dare not give him any cutlery now though, even if you’re feeding him, say a yogurt, he won’t have any of it if you don’t give him a spoon first. He’ll then try to feed you too, so really how can you say no.

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The Bad;
So, it’s not really a bad thing. I like babywearing when we’re out but lately Captain isn’t really feeling it, it’ll be fine at first but after a while he’ll become restless, same thing if we’re using the stroller. He wants to walk, which is fine, I completely understand he’s desire to explore and so things on his own but we can’t always just let him wander around. He has no sense of stranger danger, he loves people, especially ladies and he doesn’t discriminate, it’s young ladies, old ladies or little ladies and will follow them. If we put him down, he’ll immediately go in the opposite direction, doesn’t care if we tell him OK we’re going now and start to back away. If we pick him up again it’ll be a meltdown until we manage to find something to distract him. I’m starting to understand why some parents have their kids on those weird leashes backpack things.


The Poopy;
Another thing he enjoys lately is being half naked, most of the times he manages to get his shirt off on his own, That’s fine by me, it’s hot after all but the other day he was just in a light shirt and his diaper, I put him in his playpen to go start dinner I think. I come back a few  minutes later and he’s removed his shirt, the diaper and pooped all over the place. Now that’s something I really wasn’t expecting as a parent!! From now on it’s shorts on at all time!

Other than that things have been quite good, we’re enjoying this summer. Captain rode the tram and made sandcastles for the time so that’s been fun. We’re going on vacation to visit my in laws in three weeks so that’s exciting and we get to celebrate Captain’s conception, my wife’s birthday and my birthday all in the next couple of weeks so I’m looking forward to all of that